OH, DEAR GOD! It wasn't just Rosin Murphy doing the country proud on the SATC red carpet - it turns out "The (reptilian mammary/turd) Hat (avec plume of butterfly ensnared shrubbery)" is Irish. When watching Channel 4's JOKE of a programme, Sex and The City: World Premiere Special, mid-slumber last night I'm almost certain Sarah Jessica said her hat came courtesy of Ahascragh born Philip Treacy. That's probably why it's diddle-dyed a fetching forty shades of green. That shock aside, I'd like to make further reference to just how sh*te the programme was. I used to be a Gok Wan fan, but that's now waning. And the fault lies at the feet of Channel 4. What is rule number one of professional interviewing? NEVER send a fan. Gok's entire repertoire of banter included: "Oh my God, I'm SUCH a fan!", "How many pairs of shoes do you have?!", "Could you fall for an Anglo-Chinese boy?!", "Oh my God, I LOVE you!" and "How many pairs of shoes do you have?!" Sex and The City Stylist, Patricia Field, said it all when she wandered off during Gok gushing "You've been SUCH an inspiration to me!" Did he not realise that was nothing short of an insult considering his crotch was lurking somewhere by his knees? And why were ALL the questions about fashion? Some plotline/character progression analysis would not have gone astray... however incidental. Basically, all the programme managed to impart was that the film is one big wardrobe showcase (with over 300 outfit changes, don't you know) and, more importantly, that Gok should stick to talking about insecure birds' bangers.