Call your mother, call your father, call anyone who's ever made mash potatoes and tell them that their whole lives are a lie - or not, who cares.

According to Food Network chef Tyler Florence, we've all been making mash potatoes wrong for years and everything you've eaten up to now is nothing better than burnt ashes. As you'll no doubt recall, potatoes are generally boiled in water, drained and then a little bit of butter or milk is thrown in to help mash them down before they're served either with a ice-cream scoop (yes, some people do that and no, it's not weird) or with a big spoon.

That's the way we've all made mashed potatoes, right? Wrong. So wrong.

According to an interview with Tyler Florence for PopSugar, who's a Food Network chef and knows these things apparently, the trick is to cook them potatoes with cream itself so as to keep the potato flavour.

That's right, not water, but with milk. The crazy bastard.

According to Florence, the trick is to cook the potatoes in enough cream to lightly cover them, three tablespoons of butter, a little bit of olive oil and some salt for about twenty minutes until they're tender, drain the potatoes into a bowl with a colander in said bowl, throw them back into the pot with the cream and top and mash them together.

This, the Food Network chef, will result in "the best mashed potato you'll ever taste in your entire life." That's a high watermark, Food Network chef Tyler Florence. If it's not the best mashed potato we've ever tasted, there'll be blue murder.


Via PopSugar