Storm Eunice is well and truly here as both Ireland and the UK are currently getting battered by winds this morning.

One YouTube channel, however, is benefitting from the peaked interest in the extreme weather. Big Jet TV, a popular aviation channel, has had up to 130,000 viewers this morning as they stream live from Heathrow airport in London, with a brilliant view of the brave pilots trying to land on the tarmac.

There's already been some hairy moments as planes have abandoned their landing, taking off again just as their wheels were about to touch the ground. There's bound to be a lot more action throughout the day as winds continue to pick up.

The channel has been doing the rounds on Twitter, with a lot of love being given to the man behind the camera, Jerry Dyer. He's been giving plane by plane commentary which wouldn't be out of place on Sky Sports.

Some excellent lines that have already been thrown out are "Come and have a go!" and "Go on son!" as a massive Qatar Airways A380 attempted touchdown.

You can tune in live here to see the madness as it unfolds.