The temptation that tarot readings offer as a telescope into the future is tantalising enough to garner Tarot Youtubers hundreds of thousands of subscribers online.

Tarot is like a card game; there's a deck with pictures like stills from a story and titles. The cards can be used to give "readings" with insights into the past, present, or future.

Nowadays, Youtubers like Gem Goddess and Antphrodite create recorded tarot readings online for free based on both celebrities and viewers. Month on month, the astrologists give guidance and support to a viewership that tunes in for detailed 30+ minute long readings.

But Tarot isn't some newfangled thing. Its origins go as far back as the 14th or 15th centuries. Let's take a look at its mystical beginnings over in Northern Italy.

Where did it come from?

The concept came from the original card decks with 4 suits with 13 cards were founded in the 14th century in Europe. Tarot readings date all the way back to 1430s. Founded in Italy, playing cards were the blueprint for tarot cards.

The birth of the tarot deck

It wasn't until the 18th century that Tarot cards started to be used for the astrological or supernatural purposes we know them for today. There were various kinds of decks with different suits including Batons or Clubs, Coins, Swords, and Cups, which is one of the ancient types that evolved and are used in Tarot decks even today.

The longest surviving tarot decks are the 15 packs known as Visconti-Sforza tarot decks that are from the mid-15th century, painted for the rulers of the Duchy of Milan.

Why tarot?

Tarot has always been used for divination purposes; uncovering truths about the past, present, or future. On Youtube, viewers use Tarot reading channels to guide them through various months of the year about aspects from career, love, and life in general.

Whether you believe in tarot religiously or not, some viewers just enjoy the readings as guidance in life not necessarily based on the belief that the exact reading was 'destined' for them.

Who to watch

Gem Goddess

The Gem Goddess does monthly 'Pick A Card' readings and predictions for viewers based on their sun, moon, and rising signs. She uses a tarot deck, astro dice, and other cards in her astrological toolkit.

She calls herself "a mystic and manifestation coach who teaches the law of attraction, spirituality and philosophy" and often provides readings for unique topics like 'What People Say About You' as well as soulmate predictions, and what your future children will be like.

Ali's Tarot

Ali offers readings individualised to people's astrological signs; she does a full video dedicated to Geminis heading into the month of July or what Pisces should know about the upcoming month. Monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and often weekend readings are features of her account.

The icing on top is when one of her cats comes along to interrupt the reading or her dog is sitting to listen along with us.


While Antphrodite does offer 'Pick A Card' readings, he also delves into the world of celebrity through what he can garner from their astrological charts.

Some of his recent psychic readings include 'Is Ariana Grande still in love with Pete Davidson?' and 'Did Justin Bieber cheat on Hailey Bieber?'. He also delves into the world of unsolved mysteries through psychic readings, so if you're into true crime, you'll love him.

Hop or flop?

It's so easy to get lost down this Youtube Rabbit Hole — initially, curiosity is the mother of your first 'Monthly Reading' and next thing you know, it's 2 in the morning and you're tracing your life as far back as readings that were done in 2018.

Whether you believe in the power of tarot and astrology or not, there's something to be gained from listening to words of wisdom and finding some food for thought. We reckon this Rabbit Hole is a 'Hop', but we also think it's important to take it with a pinch of salt.

Stay tuned for more YouTube Rabbit Holes.