In case you thought that whole making jokes about with a dead body in Japan was just a once-off for YouTube sensation Logan Paul, it really wasn't.

The self-styled "maverick" has now had advertising stripped from his videos after his first video post-controversy featured him tasering dead rats and encouraging people to eat detergent packets. Again, this is not a joke - he really, really did this and there's even video footage to back it all up.

Paul, who has a subscriber base of 16.7 million, was at the centre of a controversy in early January when a video he posted on his channel showed a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara Forest. Paul then backed away from YouTube after posting an apology video - which, reportedly, was monetised - and returned this week with a new video which has sparked fresh outcry against YouTube and how it deals with content creators.

As it stands, Paul has made no comment about the latest controversy.


Via YouTube