Loaded Magazine celebrated all things funny last night (it's not all about the baps, you know). Many, many were lauded for their hilarity, namely: Leigh Francis for Funniest Man; Jimmy Carr for Best Standup; Scott Mills was awarded for the Funniest Radio Show (I'd imagine that news went down a storm with Chris Moyles and Nicola Roberts, respectively); Ruth Jones was named Funniest Woman (see, they do exist); while Harry Enfield won The Loaded Legend Award.

Enfield, beside himself with glee, blathered: "I'm chuffed to bits to be a Loaded Legend! I've read every edition of Loaded from cover to cover since it was first published in 1908 (KEEERRAAAYYYZEEEE) - to actually be in it is amazing. And to get an award and free booze and possibly meet the Mighty Boosh who are always at every free booze event is like a dream come true."

Other accolades came in the form of the Joker Award, which went to Boris Johnson; Funniest TV Award went to My Name Is Earl and, much to my befuddlement, the Funniest Newspaper Columnist went to - not Charlie Brooker, or Grace Dent, nor AA Gill - but The Sun's ring fiddling Gordon Smart. ALL the man talks about is ti... Aaaah, that'd explain it.

In a slight aside - isn't Paul 'I NEVER look for attention, me' Kaye looking magical? As is Danielle Lloyd - who's doing her very best sexy Latina impression, but has gone one further and honed a guna from a satin bedsheet, thanks to some nifty knots.