Ladies of Ireland, prepare thyselves, for you are about to be judged by soap operas 'Sexiest Female'. Are you quaking in your boots?

Michelle Keegan, being such a pillar of fashion, has been lined up to judge Most Stylish Lady at this years Irish Derby in June. In a 'statement' from Michelle and most definitely not written by the PR company behind the Derby, she said 'I'm really looking forward to attending the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby at The Curragh this June. I'm a big fan of fashion, so when I was asked to be a guest judge I was really excited! I'm sure the competition will be fierce, and I can't wait to see what the ladies will be wearing on the day. I've no doubt whoever wins this year will look fantastic and it's going to be really difficult for my fellow judges and I to decide on one winner, but we are up for the challenge!' Calm down on exclamations there 'Michelle'. It's a horse race fashion competition, not a years free supply of St. Tropez.

So ladies, if you want to impress, this is how you should dress.

We'd be there, but we just eye-rolled so hard we gave ourselves an aneurysm.