It's genuinely weird to think that there are people walking around who don't remember the old Irish coinage.

The octagon 50p, the new and old 10p with the salmon it, the golden 20p with the horse that your Uncle convinced you was Shergar - all the old favourites that you'd pull out of the couch to make up enough money to buy a Dime Bar and a Refresher.

If, like us, you're an obsessive hoarder, you could be in for a bit of a windfall. According to WorldCoinHub, who we're taking as an expert on coins, quite a number of the pre-Euro coinage are going for huge figures.

For example, an old Half-Crown coin from 1943 could potentially reach up to €4,500 on the market whereas a 1985 20p coin could fetch - get this - EIGHT THOUSAND EURO. There's more.

A shilling coin from 1937 can range in value from €25 all the way up to €2,000 whereas a Half-Crown from 1937 is worth €4,000. With all of these, however, there is one caveat - condition. The bent, rusted old types you see at flea markets and so on wouldn't fetch a whole lot, but a fresh, clean coin is worth serious wedge.

We're off home to break open that Hippo Coinbank we threw up in the attic to see if there's any of these in there.


Via WorldCoinHub