Aw. Isn't that just beautiful, wouldn't you just love to bound up, yelling "GROUP HUG!", and vault yourself on top of them... before the noxious hum sends you careering backwards. This is Amy very publicly saying farewell to Pete Doherty outside her gaff last night. According to The Mirror: "The jazz babe was a no-show at Pete's gig in Kentish Town, so he went round her flat after. At 2am they stumbled out in a right state, kissed, then Pete was driven off while Wino fell back inside to carry on the party with former EastEnder actor James Alexandrou. WTF?!" (what the f*** is 'Martin Fowler' doing partying with the Winehouse, indeed. I bet 'Pauline' would have a thing or two to say about that). At least she managed to say goodbye to Pete, unlike a few days ago when she failed to notify Towers of London bassist Kristian Marr that it was time he tottered off home. Apparently himself, Amy and her (latest reputed) fellah Alex Haines arrived back to her gaff in a people carrier on Monday night but she left Kristian outside. At the time, The Sun said: "He couldn't wake her so he forced his way into her garage to bed down for the night - before cops were called to evict him.The officers couldn't raise Amy either, so dragged grubby muso Kristian off to the cop shop. When they offered to take him to Sadie's, he said: "Er no, I don't think she will be too pleased." Yep, that would be 43-year-old Sadie Frost. Another catch you got yerself there, Sadie.

In other Winehouse in The Sun related happenings - she's not being done for crack possession after the leaking of "that" video by the paper. Why not? Because police couldn't prove it wasn't speed, which is a B-class drug. Yeah, I'm sure a multi-millionaire would be smoking speed... then again. As Dads Against Drugs founder Rob Broomfield fitfully put it: "The tragedy is that we're watching this young woman die in front of our eyes and nothing is being done." What's worse is the impressionables who idolise her for getting way with publicly killing herself at a snail's pace. People like sculptor Guy Portelli. He's after making this decrepit being into a bronze figurine entitled 'Excess'. According to Digital Spy, "the bronze piece shows Winehouse, complete with her trademark beehive hairstyle, sitting on top of a smashed champagne bottle. The star's body is covered with what appear to be tiny pills and she is holding a glass outstretched. A pool of liquid lies beneath the singer’s feet." Portelli said: "I think she is great. I would never make a sculpture of someone I didn't respect." It's worrying how so many can respect someone who has no respect for themselves. I tell you what - why don't we all carry on like Amy, that'd be really cool! I'll come in here tomorrow, ourrah me mind on the roll over, and attempt to bang out some sh*te about how brilliantly debauched I am by repeatedly head butting the keyboard. I'll master the mouse with a stream of spittle. It'll be magical... until I get fired for not being able to function normally. You see, that's what would happen in the real world, whereas Winehouse is wrapped in a bubble of money/fame hungry facilitators.