With the Super Bowl approaching this Sunday, all the big companies are doing what they do every year and trying to make the best viral videos possible, cramming in as many celebs as money will allow all in the name of getting you to love them. And they'd want to, seeing as a 30-second slot in between the game (and Beyoncé of course) runs for anything from $3.5m to $4m. Here are the first few contenders for the crown.

First up, Mercedes-Benz went all out with the stars in their ad "Soul", which features, Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton and Usher.

Then we have Snickers, going all out on the nostalgia with Robin Williams doing classic Robin Williams, and Police Academy's Bobcat Goldthwait, who we haven't seen in forever.

Then we have Hyundai, who went for zero celebs, but a whole lot of perfectly timed stunts.

Kia Motors tackle that awkward moment when kids ask where babies come from. A mystery planet called BabyLandia sounds kind of terrifying. Except for the labrador in the parachute. That's the cutest thing ever.

 Finally, we have Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd trying to describe the Super Bowl without mentioning anything in or associated to the 'Big Game' for Samsung. Not their best now really.