They say 'be careful what you wish for'... I asked for Mirandas, and lord did we get them.

We have Chris from Dublin, au natural, possibly depicting Cynthia Nixon fully embracing her lesbian ways back in 2004.

We also have Mark, who was done up by his friend Una ("last year"). As suggested by Mark in the email, it does indeed bang more of Carrie, assuming she got busy with a box of Revlon in the mid-eighties. In fact, Mark bears a striking resemblance to my sister Ciara circa 1988 (minus the labret, of course). She vied to become the representative of Dublin for the Rose of Tralee that year, and wore a dress inspired by the guna  Madonna danced about in for La Isla Bonita video. She "came second". True story.

We also have a herd of beardy blonde blokes getting into the spirit of things. 'Gary' and 'Matt's flatmate' are among the legion of fair haried offerings who didn't specify which character they were, so we'll put them in the Samantha bracket.

Kudos must go to Carmel's brother Anthony - who went to the effort of fully embodying Miranda. He allowed his sister to mousse his naturally auburn locks, he's filling out that dress nicely (so much so that the hairy pit comes as a surprise), and he even managed to stand in sandals that are openly rejecting his little toe.

To top things off, he "had the cocktails out and even got engrossed in the SATC book too."

Anthony and Carmel have raised the bar.

Can you do any better?

The winner of our competition will be announced on June 11th.

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