Coca Cola are launching new designs for all the drinks in their brand, from Coke Zero to the classic Coca Cola. 

The redesign is aimed at unifying all the beverages under a single brand identity, to make it clearer that all the drinks are different but are part of the same Coca Cola family. The new designs for the cans in Ireland will look like this. 

The design sees them all marked with the Coca Cola branding in a major change, with the name of the variety of Coke that you're getting being designated by the colour and the name in smaller print underneath.  

The designs in Spain are slightly different, with a clear theme of red carrying through all the cans, with a colour coding on the bottom identifying which of the four drinks is which.  

The new designs will start appearing on shelves here in Ireland between now and May, and speaking about the new designs, Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland said "featuring all variants in our advertising will make clear to more consumers the full choice we offer them". He also added that the unifying effect of the new design will see all the variants of Coke being adveritsed in one campaign rather than separately. 

The company will show this new campaign with their sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup this year, marking a big change for their marketing strategy and bringing the calorie free and sugar free versions that they offer into the limelight a bit more. 

So, what do you think of the new designs? 

Via Design Taxi. Pics via Coca Cola Spain