Have you got a friend who constantly keeps sharing annoying status updates?

How about that friend of yours that just seems to delight in sharing every conceivable detail of their day on Facebook like it's their personal diary? What about that assh*le who manages to make every possible thing about themselves and their thing, and often does it in a haughty, utterly sanctimonious way? Or what about that one person who keeps sharing photos of their night out in the same place, week after week, and not recognise how utterly pathetic that is?

Cough. Well, then. If you've got friends like these on Facebook, you're in luck because a new feature is now going to help you get less annoyed with these people without the hassle of actually confronting the fact that you probably hate them.

The 'snooze' option on Facebook works similarly to Twitter's 'mute' option, which essentially removes them from your timeline without notifying them and, to them, they still think that you're intently reading about their opinions on free speech and George Hook.

The option is being rolled out in small groups to test its functionality, with the ability to snooze people, pages or groups for a specific period of time if you wish.

You could also own up to the fact that you haven't read that particular outlet in years and just unfollow them because who needs that kind of crap in your life, right? Incidentally, entertainment.ie is on Facebook!


Via TechCrunch