OK, so one may be thinking; "Meh, I'm kind of indifferent to yer wan who used to be in Hear'Say, before going on to present that Popstar to Operastar show and is currently appearing in every clothes ad going", but trust us, you'll empathise.

Here are the choices. She either A) wants to pray for the people who mugged her mother and her sister last night, B) wants to forget the incident ever happened, be the bigger person and move on, or C), she wishes they'd endure a horrible death after getting hit by a bus.

If you chose option C), then you'd be right - CONGRATULATIONS!! We're celebrating because - for once - someone in the public eye(ish) is being honest about something, to hell with the consequences and screw the PC Brigade - HUZZAH.

It's being reported that her mum and sister were coming back from a shopping trip, and were about to enter their home in North London, when they got relieved of their bags after being thrown to the ground. Myleene's elderly father emerged from the house managed to shoo them away after hearing the ruckus beyond the front door.

In a relateable moment of red hot rage, Myleene took to Twitter to vent the red mist resulting from her mother and sister's attack, posting the below tweet...

While we at entertainment.ie don't endorse bodily harm in any form, I personally would like to say fair play, Myleene, you're just saying what any person would be thinking in that situation. Graphic mutilation and a horrible demise.

In entirely unrelated news, Myleene has just joined the line up of ITV's Loose Women, making her debut yesterday. No prizes for guess what they'll be clucking about today.