Smartphone games are great and all that, but when you're a fan of the classics - i.e. Donkey Kong, Super Mario, etc. etc. - there's only so much Candy Crush or Temple Run you can take.

Well, now it has been announced that Nintendo are finally launching their first smartphone game. It's called Miitomo and will be available in spring 2016. According to The Wall Street Journal, it'll be free to play with the option of paying for add-ons.

Miitomo is one of five smartphone games that the Japanese manufacturer plans to launch by March 2017 - and one of them may even be Super Mario, according to reports.

Many expected Nintendo to move into the mobile games market a lot sooner than this, considering there's now a game for everything from TV show Hollyoaks to one based on Kim Kardashian (yes, really). It's a lucrative market; the LA Times reports that Kardashian's game earned a whopping $1.6 million in its first five days alone.

Reports suggest that the huge drop in consoles over the last few years has led the company to finally enter the smartphone market. 

In any case, it may not be too long until you're controlling the fortunes of a small Italian plumber and his brother while on the bus to work. Let's-a go!


Via LA Times