This chipper looking individual has been asked to open a new "environmentally friendly" club in Rotterdam in September. Assuming she lasts the next 5 months, the club's owner seems intent on finishing her off. Said owner, Aryan Tielman, told The Sun that Amy Winehouse opening Club Watt is "as good as certain... The energy will come from urine and sweat from the visitors, and toilets will be flushed by rainwater. The club is set in the heart of the biggest drugs circuit in Holland. It is so out there that it might even shock Amy." That's helpful, Aryan. I'd also like to express appreciation for planting the thoughts currently bouncing around my brain, including "hmmm, how will the bodily fluids be garnered from the visitors?" and "I wonder if opiate infused wee works as well as amphetamine riddled widdle?" Amy is set to receive £350,000 for her troubles.