That's a dumbed down way of saying "Irish Internet users are over three times as likely to trust Irish content sites compared to social networks and almost twice as likely over portal sites."

So, really, it's more of a trust thing than a pure like thing, but we'll take the compliment all the same.

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) Ireland, the industry body representing Irish digital publishing companies, has announced the results of a study of online engagement in Ireland. The study examined Irish Internet users’ attitudes to online content and their level of engagement across Irish content sites (e.g. Irish newspaper, TV, radio, and magazine sites like, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...), and portals (MSN, Yahoo!...).

So, yeah, we just wanted to say thanks really, for putting your trust in us - it's really appreciated, and long may it continue, particularly as my job depends on it.

Should you have a hankering to read about this in a more in depth fashion, visit for the trainspotting particulars as to why and our Irish cohorts pretty much RAWK at being engaging, informative, rib-tickling, all-round important, very humble a' course...