... very elusive ring indeed. You could try Googling it, but the best you'll probably get is a photo of it half of it in the Daily Mail, such is its size. Johnny Depp is believed to have given Amber the bauble, but it's not what you think it is. It's just a 'commitment ring.' Funny name for it really, it's a massive diamond ring, like an engagement ring, without any of the real commitment of marriage. Sounds idyllic.

The 50-year-old actor, who has been dating the  27-year-old actress for (give or take) two years, has fuelled speculation that they are set to marry after buying her a bespoke platinum, black pearl and diamond ring which Amber wears on her engagement finger.

A source told The Sun: "It's a commitment ring and has an inscription on the inside in tiny writing which is a love note from him to her. No one's seen him this head-over-heels ever, he's like a different guy. All his angst has gone and for once he seems anchored and happy. They're starring in a film together later this year and wherever she goes, he goes. They're never apart for long now." Lots of lovely stuff Vanessa Paradis need never read.

The actress was seen blatantly hiding the finger of her left hand as she entered LA restaurant Ago (to dine with another woman) on Monday. It was like she was walking up to recieve Communion, such was the clasping.

Amber and Johnny first met when they starred in 2011's The Rum Diary but (allegedly) didn't get together until after the breakdown of his 14 year relationship with Paradis, with whom he has Lily Rose,14, and Jack, 11.

Johnny and bisexual Amber's relationship has not always been plain sailing, with her originally ending their romance after deciding she wanted to be single. Johnny can only look so girly, you know... That and he was a bit moody.

But Johnny was undeterred and sent her a personally-penned poem and a bouquet of roses eeeevery day for a month to convince her to give him another chance, before flying her to The Bahamas for a romantic break.

When I die, dibs on coming back as Amber Heard.