And the best thing is you don't have to give up your job in a quest to become his intern - because the post is open for only one day.

Here's the shizzle (apologies): this is all a very clever stunt to raise awareness for his charity, the Snoop Youth Football League, which - as the name suggests - he set up to help young kids from the wrong side of the tracks to get involved with 'Merican football. He's got a few thangs going on to raise awareness; he's asking Reddit viewers to send in their holiday stories and he'll read out the best one, and he's also offering the elusive internship.

How can you bag yourself the role? You just have to drop a few sponds towards his charity (via So, in short, he's auctioning off a one day internship.

By way of a carrot, here is what you could be wiling away the day: "We’ll get lunch at Roscoes, play some video games, plan out world domination n decorate some trees... Just donate a lil bit and you'll be entered to win a day as my intern. You'll get a look inside the Snoop world and help me get some work done - maybe on the set of my news network GGN Hood News, or backstage with me when I'm DJ Snoopadelic.”

More detailz just in here...