NSFW. All parents have been there... sat at the side of their child's cot willing them to sleep. Then Samuel L Jackson came along to lend a hand, whispering: "You have had a long day, my pride, my joy, And now you must go the f*ck to sleep." Sure how else would you lull your child to off to the land of nod?

Now there is something for parents who know the frustrating pain of making your child a meal that they keep turning away from, with an indignant "NNNNOOOOOOOPE!" (my world every mealtime).

According to The Independent (although they seem to have the titles mixed up...), Bryan Cranston will lend his dulcet tones to the Audiobook version of Adam Mansbach's slightly profane nursery rhyme You Have to F***king Eat. Speaking of his latest gig, the actor said: "This is a very funny book and my hope is that listeners will agree that I can swear with just as much panache as Samuel Jackson."

Cranston's audio offering will be available via Audible from Wednesday. In the meantime, here's a snippet. It's NSFW for obvious reasons..

And for those of you not familiar with Samuel L Jackson's work, here he is talking about his efforts on 'Go The F*** to Sleep', and how he said it to his daughter a lot.

In a word, "relatable"