If ever you wanted some kind of sign that you are now living in the future, this is it - you can watch a livestream of a car floating through space on your phone.

In case you're wondering precisely why it is that there's now a Tesla Roadster floating through space with a dummy in the driver's seat blasting out David Bowie's seminal 1969 hit, Space Oddity, the reason is simple. When rockets are test-fired, they usually carry a demonstration payload before using it for something of actual value. Normally, it's just concrete blocks or weights to demonstrate the load capacity, but SpaceX instead decided to go with a Tesla Roadster - designed by Elon Musk's other company, Tesla.

The Tesla Roadster is now in an elliptical orbit around the sun and is the first mass-produced consumer vehicle in space. On top of all that, there's an actual livestream from inside the car that's currently on SpaceX's Twitter account.

Take a look. THE FUTURE.


Via Twitter / Periscope