In case you're wondering, you've got - as of writing - about 10 hours to get into bed before Santa Claus arrives in Dublin.

Google's annual tradition of tracking Santa's progress across the globe is in full swing, with the big man racking up close to 25,000,000 presents delivered as of writing. Currently, Santa's making his way through Papua New Guinea - which is in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean - and he's expected to arrive in Ireland around 2AM or so tonight.

The Google Santa Tracker also gives children lots of information about the current location of Santa, such as the capital of the country, its population size, and a little bit of history on the country as well.

If you're having trouble with Google's Santa Tracker, NORAD - yes, the North American Aerospace Defence Command - has a tracker that works just as well.

You can find Google's Santa Tracker just by typing it into Google or following it from here.


Via Google