Despite years of advances in the field of video games, there's still something timelessly addictive about Pacman. 

In particular, that's even more true when you're fighting your way through the streets of your local area. The hack, which is one that Google have made themselves officially, rather than being something more sinister, allows you to play the classic game in a number of locations  around Ireland, provided there's enough space of course. 

The controls are a little bit difficult to get used to as you have to guide Pacman through the streets rather than a properly designed level, but nonetheless it's still good craic. 

You can play over on Google Maps, but be warned, it's not for the faint-hearted. If you have anything that you need to get done with what's left of the day, you might be better off avoiding it altogether. Or worry about that later, your choice...

Via The Verge