Just to put that into our money, that'd be €47.07 at current exchange rates.

We'll round down and call it €47 for a green hat that says 'Make America Great Again' and features a shamrock on the back of it. Forty-seven euro. And that's not even counting postage, packaging or the fact that Americans stupidly leave out tax in their pricing. So, really, you're talking upwards of probably €70 for this thing.

For a green cap that'd probably get you filthy looks wherever you go in this country. Jesus, if you're thinking about buying this, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Thankfully, however, the cap can't be shipped to Ireland as paid-for campaign products can't be shipped to any country outside of the US, including Ireland and even Russia. That'll probably change, though.

Still want to buy this hat? Do you really want to throw €70 away to a fat man with awful spray-tan who probably hates you? Before you do, here's a few things you could get for €70.

- You can buy a nice meal for two in a restaurant, wherein you can talk about that time you almost paid money for a Make America Great Again Irish-themed hat, but didn't because you saw sense and decided food was better.

- You could buy cinema tickets for six friends. Don't have six friends? Treat six randomers you meet in the lobby to a free film, because who doesn't appreciate that kind of generosity?

- You can donate €70 to literally any charity organisation out there. How about the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, since Donald Trump openly jokes about sexually assaulting women?

Shit, it's your money. Do whatever, but paying that kind of money for a green hat with a slogan uttered by racists on a daily basis is a stupid way of spending your money.

Oh, and that's not a shamrock - it's a clover. Enjoy your fucking hat.


Via Twitter