As part of an ongoing localisation project, Google has decided to make Gmail available in Irish for all the gaeilgeoirí out there. 

Whether you use Gmail in work or just as your embarrassingly titled email address ([email protected]) for all those sites where you need to sign up or log in, you can now experience Google's mail offering as Gaeilge. 

According to The Journal, more than 60,000 words have been translated and the project was shared across teams in Dublin, California, Zurich and a crew of expert volunteers who are passionate about the Irish language. Speaking to The Journal, Sinéad Ní Dhomhnaill of Seachtain na Gaeilge said it was fantastic news that would provide "great support for businesses and individuals who wish to use more Irish in their daily lives". 

If you want to make the switch, then simply click on the settings menu (a little icon that looks like a gear in the top right of your screen), choose settings, and select your language from the drop down list, which should be the first option available. 

Also, if your co-worker leaves their Gmail logged in and walks off to go and get lunch, you know what to do...

Via The Journal