We’re one step close to getting that hover board from back to the future we’ve always dreamed of.

Hovering is the form of transport that we can realistically expect to use in the future, we’ve known that for ages, but finally someone looks to be making that a reality. The folks at Aerofex have been working on this project for a while, and recently, they added a pre-order section to their site so that you can get in on the action. They've even come up with a design that has enough space for a passenger. 

You might need to search down the back of the couch though, as it looks like the bike will cost at least $85,000 (just under €62,000), which is a spicy meatball. Here, in a video they shot in the desert a while back, they show off a rather clunky and difficult to handle model, but they have since streamlined the design and made a few other changes, so we can expect a different package altogether when this is launched in 2017.

Despite looking about as appealing as the car that Homer designed that ended up ruining his brother’s business in The Simpsons, or pretty similar to the land speeders in Star Wars, the finished product will be able to travel at around 45mph and get up to three metres off the ground. We’re still interested in signing up for a test drive anyway, we’re just $89,000 short. We owe some people some money, alright? 

Via Shortlist. Pics via AeroFex.com