Forget about drawing up that will, there’s more pressing matters at hand. Facebook need to know what you do when the end is in sight/on site.

Facebook has created a new feature which gives you the option of designating a friend who can access your account, but only after you die of course.

The new function, called Legacy Contact, will be in your security settings, and it’ll give that one special friend the ability to control aspects of your profile, such as your profile and header image.

Alternatively, you can set your profile to delete once you’ve passed away, but don’t worry, this won’t be the subject of some easy “fraping”. The social network will be using a strict memorialization process, in which it scans news articles and obituaries to make sure you’ve kicked the bucket.

Once the site has confirmed your passing it’ll display a memorialiazed tag on your profile, and stop suggesting you to possible friends, which, to be fair, would actually be a handy option even for the living.

The whole thing might seem a little morbid, but the Legacy Contact will be able download the history of the user’s photos and posts, as well as pin new posts to the top of the page, all of which are great options for those wishing to continue the memory of a loved one online.

However, they won’t be able to read private messages. Although, if you’re worried about your friend posthumously snooping through your messages, maybe that shouldn’t be the friend you pick.

This setting is already available in the U.S, and will now begin to move out into other countries soon, so you'd better start making your shortlist now.


Via Wall Street Journal