Relationships don't always work out and, very often, it can be a difficult process in trying to let the other down gently.

Or maybe you're a heartless s*** who doesn't care about ruining the other person's life. If so, is just for you. The newly-created website takes all the stress and fuss out of dumping someone with a range of options to meet your needs.

For $5, they'll send your SO a SnapChat that ends it off in a clean, proper manner. Feeling like splashing out? For $45, you can a bouquet of flowers and a text sent to your now-ex that will totally not end with those flowers sent back to you with a dog turd.

There's a few other options, including an e-mail service, an automated minute-long phonecall AND a custom letter that a professional Heartbreaker - that's really their job title - will write out with your notes.

Feeling terrible? Want to absolve yourself of all this guilt? You can even send them a little gift, too. Some of the gifts on offer include a Blu-Ray of The Notebook, two pairs of large wine glasses and a gift box that can be reused as a Memory Oven that your SO will use to burn any items you were stupid enough to leave behind at their place.

Because, let's face it, if you use this service, you can say goodbye to that toothbrush and spare pair of underwear you left behind.