Today is a great day for lazy people everywhere. 

The good people at Domino's have unveiled a new "one touch" payment system which will allow consumers to order their favourite pizza via the app. The pizza chain will also run a competition in December which will give fans the opportunity to win a physical one click order button that pairs with the app.

That's right. No need to go through the "laborious" process of selecting your toppings. You click this little novelty button and 30-40 mins later there will be a delivery guy at the door ready to make all your dreams come true. 

The button, developed by Domino's project partner FLIC, will be made available to Domino's fans via a social media-led competition in the coming weeks. 

Domino's have enlisted the help of experts in order to bring this technology to fruition. One such expert is Dr. Sheila Malone, a marketing and consumer psychology lecturer from Lancaster University. 

Dr. Malone said: “We live in a world that is time-precious and we are constantly on-the-go. Innovations, which let the customer consume all at the touch of a button are designed to provide a greater sense of ease accessibility and to help to address the demands of our hectic lives."

“Plus there is an intrinsic satisfaction directly linked to pushing buttons, which is derived from the achievement and reward fulfillment process, which is inherent in each of us.”

Are we as human beings really so simple that we'll be satisfied simply from pushing a button? 

Via The Drum