If you're "on the housing ladder" with a cool million to spend, why not go for Taylor Swift's childhood home in Pennsylvania? It'd do the job sure.

We've found it! The perfect place to raise a gaggle of little Swifties or even just hope some of the creativity is in the air and seeps into your body that way. It's Taylor Swift's childhood home and it's on the market for 1 million dollars. Reasonable, if you ask us.

According to Time Out, rumour has it that this build from 1929 is the birthplace of her wistful songs like 'Love Story' and 'Teardrops on my guitar'. And we think it's no wonder that such romantic songs came from such a whimsical house. Just take a look and see for yourself.

Scroll through some shots of the magical house on Instagram:

Or take a virtual tour:

Couldn't you just imagine the warm summer evenings slipping away like a bottle of wine spent in that gorgeous green sunroom? There have been some interior design changes to the place since the Swifts lived there, but we still think it has that T-Swizz charm.

So, who's making a bid?