Because a hot dog on its own is never enough processed meat, you can now get it served in deep fried chicken.

KFC are now offering people whose tastebuds have died off years previously the chance to shovel food wrapped in food (and their erstwhile dignity) in to their mouths in the form of the Double Down Dog.

That's right, now you can get a hot dog served in fried chicken instead of plain old bread, which has been tried and trusted all these years and is clearly not working, because no one eats hot dogs anymore. It's all about the Double Down Dog now, grandpa, so get one of these down you:

Pic via KFC/BroBible

The limited edition food-based product will be available in only 12 restaurants in the Philippines, each of which will get just 50 of the delicacies to serve to customers, but it may yet become more widely available if it proves popular there. Also we don't know what Chick'n Cheese is and yes, we have Googled it, so any suggestions on that front would be welcome.

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Via BroBible