Yes, that is a factually accurate statement in the headline.

Lammily, a company that sells dolls such as 'Traveller' and 'Photographer' has come up with an altogether different type of doll from your usual. The imaginatively titled Period Party doll comes complete with 18 reusable (ew) coloured pads, a pair of knickers for said pads and doll that's fit a Lammily doll and a calendar with dot stickers so you can track the doll's cycle.

The makers believe that the Period Party will start "an open and positive conversation about our periods" and has already received support from parenting experts. According to Lammily's statistics, the average woman has approximately 39 years of menstruation, with six years in total spent on their period. Yet, as they believe, "this perfectly healthy natural process is still surrounded with taboos" - hence the doll.

Here's an instructional video, complete with a rap that rhymes myriad with pad. Genius.


Via Lammily