Heads up Big Mac fans. If you love nothing more than the McDonald's signature double burger well then today's your lucky day because now you can dress head to toe in Big Mac branded clothing thanks to McDonald's new 'lifestyle collection'.

Debuting at the 'McWalk' fashion show in Stockholm, the clothing range springs off the success of a line of Big Mac emblazoned thermal underwear which you can buy for 495 SEK (which works out at about €50).

Other items on the menu (sorry) include Big Mac bed sheets, wallpaper, a body warmer for your dog, a rain mac and wellies. We don't know about you, but we'd wear the crap out of the mac and wellies come festival season.

That poor dog looks so miserable.

Before you go raging against the machine about McDonald's trying to make even more money for themselves, all the profits from the sale of the Big Mac range of items will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Unfortunately the clothing range is only available in Sweden for the time being, so if you want a Big Mac outfit you're just going to have to pull a Gaga and staple/glue some together and make a dress out of them. You'll look atrocious but you'll smell delicious.

Via Ad Week/BigMacShop