Although it's been promised endlessly by just about everyone, we've yet to see any real, significant snow in Ireland.

So, if you find yourself hankering for lots of snowflakes and you need it right away, there's a website that will ship you snow.

The only problem is, they only ship to the US so far. will deliver six pounds of fresh Boston snow to anywhere in the States for the low-low price of just $89 - that's a little under €80 in our money - and voila, you'll have ice-cold snow.

Website founder Kyle Waring of Massachusetts says that he came up with the idea when ploughing out his backgarden, which was unsurprisingly filled with endless amounts of snow.

Waring believes that you can make up to 10 to 15 snowballs with just six pounds of snow, but that's not counting if you pack stones in the snowballs.

Not that we ever did that or anything. No, sir. Not at all.

They're throwing snow with stones in it, Joe. It's turrrible, Joe.