Why for the love of God anyone would want a piece of chewing gum that was in the mouth of the seriously handsome, utterly charming, feminist supporting, possibly soon-to-be Oscar winning Ryan Gosling, is anyone's guess.

Why would you want something that was in the mouth of sheer perfection? Touching what the dude who wrote Allie a letter every day for a year touched? Owning something that once belonged to the same person that effortlessly lifted Emma Stone in the air to imitate Dirty Dancing?

Ridiculous is what it is... is what it is.

This all came about today when the actor was in Virgin Radio chatting about his new movie La La Land, which is about to win ALL of the Oscars. While there, the silly moo left his used chewing gum on the packet, and radio host Matt Richardson has now decided to make the most of the situation by putting it on eBay, with profits made going to The Alzheimers Society.

"It's been very well chewed and probably has little of the original minty taste. Be warned if you decide to buy this to chew yourself, he wasn't very well when he came into the studio." Matt wrote on the eBay page.

"Unless you want to catch the lurgy from Gosling, that is."

Eh, NO. Obviously not. Why would we want to catch the same thing the guy who said his Golden Globe win wouldn't have been possible without the love and support of his wife? The guy who has abs that look like they've been photo shopped?

Certainly, not us.