The usual preferred method of sneaking booze into a nightclub or live venue is, as we understand it, attaching said booze to your leg with a strap of some kind or hiding it in a handbag.

The trick with the handbag is to hide it in a secret pouch and selectively hold the bag open, if it's inspected, to hide the obvious naggin. Again, that's what we understand.

We'd never take part in such activities. No, sir. Not at all.

But, if you think the handbag is too much and you're feeling, let's say adventurous, then the Cool Baby is for you. What's that, you ask?

At its most basic concept, it's a drink flask hidden inside a very creepy looking toy baby. The creators behind this potential game-changer simply hollowed out a prosthetic baby and attached a straw to it that pops out of the baby's head.

So, when it looks like you're kissing said's baby head, you're actually getting much needed hydration. Smart, eh?

The people behind this revolution in hydration technology have launched a Kickstarter and are well on their way to achieving funding for it.

It can't be that expensive, right? Buy a load of toy babies and just cut the arse off them and shove the flask in. Simple.

Check out their genuinely bizarre / disturbing Kickstarter video. You can also check out their Kickstarter page right here.


Via Kickstarter