It's 2015, and from our extensive research (we watched The Jetsons), we should all have our own robots by now. 

However, since there is very little progress in this field (get your act together, Science), the cost of getting a fully functional tech suit/robot that you can ride around in is pretty prohibitive, as there aren't many of them in existence. We may be looking at the end of those dark times though, as after many years of waiting and plotting vengeance, and if you've got a spare ¥120,000,000 (€881,524), then you can finally live the dream. 

The Kuratas robot, designed and made by blacksmith Kogoro Kurata, is now available for sale on Amazon, and has been in development for several years after Kurata got tired of waiting around for someone to build a big robot like the ones he was familiar with from his childhood, in particular from a 1980s anime series called Votoms.

The robot weighs about five tons (shipping on that bad boy will be a nightmare) and Kurata has billed it as a toy, rather than a weapon of mass destruction. However, it does come equipped with a BB gattling gun that fires off 6,000 rounds per minute, and is triggered when the pilot smiles, which isn't creepy at all. Unfortunately, like most of the best and most expensive toys on the market, some parts are sold separately, as the arms don't come as part of the deal, so you'll need to shell out for them too.

Still, despite that, we reckon that if you've got the spare million or so quid just lying around the house, why not add a robot to your collection? It would make cutting through traffic by crushing commuters inside their tiny, puny automobiles on the school run a whole lot easier every morning.