Just in case you're going - "Hah? Haven't they just been on?!" - these nominations are for the TV version of the BAFTA Awards. They will take place on Sunday April 26th. Mark it in yer diary.

Stephen Dillane
The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall (C4)
Jason Isaacs
The Curse of Steptoe (BBC Four)
Ken Stott
Hancock and Joan (BBC Four)
Ben Whishaw
Criminal Justice (BBC One)

June Brown
EastEnders (BBC One. They must think Dot's on her way out or summink)
Anna Maxwell Martin
Poppy Shakespeare (C4)
Maxine Peake
Hancock and Joan (BBC Four)
Andrea Riseborough
Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley (BBC Four)

Stephen Fry
QI (BBC Two)
Harry Hill
Harry Hill’s TV Burp (ITV1)
Anthony McPartlin & Declan Donnelly
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (ITV1)
Jonathan Ross
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (BBC One)

Rob Brydon
Gavin & Stacey (BBC Three)
Sharon Horgan
Pulling (BBC Three, G'WAAAN THE SHARON!)
David Mitchell
Peep Show (C4)
Claire Skinner
Outnumbered (BBC One)

Einstein and Eddington
George Faber, Mark Pybus, Peter Moffatt, Philip Martin (BBC Two/Company Pictures)
Hancock and Joan
Richard Cottan, Richard Laxton, Simon Heath (BBC Four/World Productions)
The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall
Simon Block, Rowan Joffe, Barney Reisz, Charles Furneaux (C4/TalkbackTHAMES)
White Girl
Hettie Macdonald, Abi Morgan, Andrew Woodhead (BBC Two/Tiger Aspect Productions)

Doctor Who
Phil Collinson, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Paul Abbott, George Faber, John Griffin, Johann Knobel (C4/Company Pictures)
Production Team (BBC One/Kudos Film and Television)
Richard Cottan, Kenneth Branagh, Philip Martin, Francis Hopkinson (BBC One/Left Bank Pictures)

Criminal Justice
Pier Wilkie, Otto Bathurst, Peter Moffat (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Dead Set
Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones, Yan Demange (C4/A Zeppotron Production)
The Devil's Whore
Peter Flannery, Martine Brant, Marc Munden, Jake Lushington (C4/Company Pictures & Power)
House of Saddam
Steven Lightfoot, Alex Holmes, Stephen Butchard (BBC Two/BBC Productions & HBO)

The Bill
Production Team (ITV1/TalkbackTHAMES)
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Production Team (ITV1/ITV Studios... Corrie must be RAGING)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Chuck O’Neil, Rich Blomquist, Scott Jacobson, Jon Stewart (More4/MTV Networks)
John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Clyde Philips, Robert Lloyd Lewis (ITV1/John Goldwyn Productions)
Mad Men
Matthew Weiner, Scott Hornbacher (BBC Four/AMC)
The Wire
David Simon, Ed Burns, Nina K. Noble, Joe Chappelle (FX/Blown Down Productions/HBO/FX)

Amazon with Bruce Parry
Production Team (BBC Two/Indus Films & Endeavour Productions)
Blood Sweat and T-Shirts
Mark Rubens, Tim Quirke, Jo Bishop (BBC Three/Ricochet)
The Family
Production Team (C4/Firefly Films)
Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
Clive Tulloh, John Conroy, Matt Bennett, Ross Kemp (SKY1/Tiger Aspect)

Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery
Claudia Lewis, Kim Shillinglaw (BBC Four/BBC Productions)
Life in Cold Blood
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Lost Land of the Jaguar
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Stephen Fry & the Gutenberg Press: The Machine That Made Us
Stephen Fry, Patrick McGrady, Lucy Ward, Philip Crocker (BBC Four/Wavelength Films)

A Boy Called Alex
Production Team (C4/Walker George Productions)
Chosen (True Stories)
Brian Woods, Caroline Haydon, Chris Eley, Jimmy Edmonds (C4/True Vision Productions. The winner hands down)
The Fallen
Morgan Matthews, Elodie Gornall, Joby Gee, David Brindley (BBC Two/Minnow Films)
Thriller in Manila
John Dower, John Smithson, Elinor Day, Andrew MacKenzie (More4/Darlow Smithson Productions)

The Apprentice
Michele Kurland, Kelly Webb-Lamb, Andy Devonshire (BBC One/TalkbackTHAMES)
Celebrity MasterChef
Karen Ross, Mark Leslie, Bec Smith, Theo Goble (BBC One/Shine Limited)
The Choir: Boys Don't Sing
Production Team (BBC Two/Twenty Twenty Television)
Top Gear
Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May (BBC Two/BBC Productions)

Saving Africa's Witch Children (Dispatches)
Production Team (C4/A Red Rebel Films and Southern Star Factual co Production)
Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me (Dispatches)
Kate Blewett, Deborah Shipley, Brian Woods (C4/True Vision Productions)
Omagh: What The Police Were Never Told (Panorama)
Sandy Smith, Brendon McCourt, John Ware, Leo Telling (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Ross Kemp: A Kenya Special
Clive Tulloh, Ewen Thomson, Matt Bennett, Ross Kemp (SKY 1/Tiger Aspect Productions)

Channel 4 News
Jim Gray, Jonathan Miller, Ben de Pear, Soren Munk (C4/ITN)
News At Ten - Chinese Earthquake
Bill Neely, John Ray, Rob Bowles, Lu Bo (ITV1/ITN)
Sky News - Canoe Man
Gerard Tubb
Sky News/Sky News
Sky News - Mumbai
Production Team
Sky News/Sky News

Cheltenham Gold Cup - Denman v Kauto Star
Andrew Franklin, John Fairley, Denise Large, Sophie Veats (C4/Highflyer Digital)
ITV1 F1: Brazilian Grand Prix 2008
Neil Duncanson, Gerard Lane, Steve Aldous, Steve Rider (ITV1/North One Television)
Olympics 2008
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Sport)
Wimbledon 2008 - The Men’s Final
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Sports)

Bryony Makes A Zombie Movie
Production Team (BBC Three Online & TV/Hat Trick Productions)
Embarrassing Bodies Online
Production Team (channel4.com/bodies/Maverick Television)
Sian Davies, Simon Rooney (BBC One/BBC Productions)
Olympics 2008
Production Team (BBC One/BBC Sport)

Friday/Sunday Night Project
Dean Nabarro, Richard Ackerman, Henrietta Conrad, Andrew Westwell (C4/Princess Productions)
Harry Hill's TV Burp
Harry Hill, Peter Orton, Spencer Millman (ITV1/Avalon Television)
John Lloyd, Piers Fletcher, Ian Lorimer (BBC One/TalkbackTHAMES)
X Factor
Richard Holoway, Andrew Llinares, Siobhan Greene, Mark Sidaway (ITV1/TalkbackTHAMES)

Harry and Paul
Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse, Sandy Johnson, Geoffrey Perkins (BBC One/Tiger Aspect Productions)
The Peter Serafinowicz Show
Peter Serafinowicz, James Serafiniwicz, Ben Farrell, Becky Martin (BBC Two/Objective Productions. If he wins it's a total farce. Did you know his sister is married to Graham Linehan... and she just happens to be a producer...)
Star Stories
Lee Hupfield, Ben Palmer, Michael Livingstone, Phil Clarke (C4/Objective Productions)
That Mitchell and Webb Look
Gareth Edwards, David Kerr, David Mitchell, Robert Webb (BBC Two/BBC Productions)

The Inbetweeners
Production Team (C4/BWark Productions)
The IT Crowd
Graham Linehan, Richard Boden, Ash Atalla (C4/Talkback Productions)
Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin (BBC One/Hat Trick Productions)
Peep Show
Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Becky Martin, Izzy Mant (C4/Objective Productions)