This one comes courtesy of Empire magazine. We haven't got all one hundred to hand (Empire do want you to buy the magazine, after all) but here's the top 10: 1. Angelina Jolie (too skinny), 2. Natalie Portman (will ALWAYS be Mathilda in Leon and therefore wrong), 3. Daniel Craig (meh), 4. Jessica Alba (hi gawjus x), 5. Johnny Depp (perhaps if he sorted his civilian hair out), 6. Eva Green (relies too heavily on eyeliner), 7. Brad Pitt (not ageing well), 8. Scarlett Johansson (agreed), 9. Keira Knightley (perhaps if I could curb the urge to slap her about the pout), 10. Gerard Butler (dude from Beowolf and P.S. I Love You... by the way, can you BELIEVE that's been made into a major Hollywood film?! You could've done with this windfall in '93, Bertie, hah?). They gave the top spot to Angelina for her "pneumatic figure, feline eyes and lips that could have been stung by several hives of bees". Pneumatic? Someone in Empire obviously hasn't progressed past their Tomb Raider collection. British stars Christian Bale, Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, Kate Beckinsale and Clive Owen all made it in to the top 25, with 'Harry Potter' actor Daniel Radcliffe coming in at 23 *scratches head*. 'Volver' actress Penelope Cruz took 50th position (despite having to sport a fake ass in said movie) and the entire list was rounded off by 'Die Hard 4.0' actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead.