Another day, another UK film premiere with the shoddiest guest list going.

While Drew Barrymore was subtly letting everyone know that herself and co-star/on/off/on boyfriend Justin Long were "on" again (if only for the promotional period), the rest of the crowd were treated to the mankiest mo going, courtesy of Desperate Houswives' Neal McDonagh (no idea why he was there, either. As for his date, a camisole might've been more complimentary); an aemeic Alfie Allen; the fruit of Brian Belo's Big Brother winnings (he'll be buried in those contacts); this attractive fellah; and Gabrielle Climi. And Kristina Rihanoff and Joe Calzaghe's tongue (vice grips are so romantic).And someone desperately failing to cover thier rural tan.  Aaaand that's yisser lot.

Maybe that's why Barrymore was swinging out of Long with such ferocity - to the point where the latter had to readjust his jaw: "Oh my Gawd, like, who ARE these people, Justin?! I'm scared... HOLD ME!" At one point, Justin tried to attract the attention of security to prise Drew off him, but this only served to excite her more.

They're still there now.