Thanks to the ever-shortening memory of the internet in the age of social media, people are only somehow now coming to the realisation that Captain America himself, Chris Evans, had an early career as Tyler in the children's boardgame, 'Mystery Date'.

The boardgame - which came with its own mobile - saw players try to land a date with various characters, of which Chris Evans was one. The whole thing kicked off with author Dana Schwartz tweeting about the imagery from the boardgame, and before long, others were joining on the nostalgia-filled fun.

Of course, like so many things on the internet, it eventually comes back around. In the heady days of 2015 and the press tour for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', we only went and confronted Chris Evans with the imagery from 'Mystery Date'. To make matters worse, we even showed it to Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson as well.

Let it never be said that we won't use an opportunity in a conventional press junket to embarrass A-list actors. We did to Paul Rudd and we did it to Chris Evans. No-one is safe.

Here's that old interview from 2015. If you saw .gifs on Tumblr back in the day, it was taken from this interview that's been sitting quietly on YouTube for the past four years. Skip to about 4 minutes in for the 'Mystery Date' segment.