You might have seen reports earlier in the week about a trio of Babestation models planning to visit Westport and thought it was something from Waterford Whispers.

As it turns out, it really did happen. The reasoning behind the visit, of course, is a little bit dubious. The whole thing came about over Babestation's telephone number for its phone sex line, which - if people didn't enter the +44 suffix when calling from Ireland - dialled straight through to someone in Westport.

As a means of making amends, Babestation declared that it would send three models over to Westport to patch things up and clarify the whole situation.

Today, Vicky Narni, Priya Young and Alexa Brooke arrived in Westport with the intention of lifting everyone's spirits by their presence and reassuring those affected by the mistake that it wouldn't happen again.

The story came about when local TD Michael Ring's constituents complained about receiving phonecalls during the night from people trying to contact Babestation.

Ring called upon the BAI and Comreg to investigate the mixup and prevent it from happening again. However, the TD was not present for a photo opportunity with the Babestation models today.

This concludes the single most embarrassing story we've covered today. Thanks for reading, gang. We're going to take a long look in the mirror and think about our career choices to date.


Via Mayo News / Twitter