If you've been on Tinder, you'll know that you eventually start to see the same faces over and over again - even if you widen the search or max out the possible candidates.

It's long been rumoured, however, that there was a secretive, elite version of Tinder that was only available to certain people that was most populated by VIPs and celebrities. Now, an investigation by TechCrunch appears to have confirmed that rumour and what's more, it's extremely difficult to get into it.

Joining Tinder Select, as its known, is only available via invite and there appears to be some sort of internal screening process that allows you into the service. According to TechCrunch, Tinder Select has been around for at least six months and Tinder haven't made any kind of announcement of the product feature or even advertised its existence.

In fact, Tinder refused to comment on TechCrunch's original story. As far for user experiences, there appears to be nothing on Facebook or Twitter about it - except for this.

Sounds about right.


Via TechCrunch