As we reported earlier this week, US restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse was forced to deny that it was part of a conspiracy involving Satanists after it was revealed that a number of their locations made a Pentagram symbol.

As it turns out, Outback Steakhouse may not be the only chain whose locations spell out something from above. A viral tweet shows that the locations of Starbucks in Dublin City Centre spell out IRA, for Irish Republican Army.

Yes, really.

Here's the tweet in question.

Obviously, you can't trust anything online so we decided to check Google Maps for ourselves and see if that's actually the case.

To begin with, here's a map of the area in question with the Starbucks locations in red. All looks pretty normal, as you can see.

Here's the Google Map reference, just so you can see we're not messing.


Now, if we draw a line from the Starbucks in the Ilac Centre, down to the one on Liffey Street (our local one, incidentally) and further down to the one in Temple Bar next to where Eamon Doran's used to be - that makes an I shape.


Next, we draw a line from the Henry Street one, to the one on the corner of Bachelor's Walk and O'Connell Street, to the one on Westmoreland Street. That's the first part. Next, we draw a loop going from Henry Street to the one on Earl Street, around and down to the one on the quays close to the GoBus stop. That's your R.


Finally, we draw a line from the Starbucks on Talbot St. to the one on Burgh Quay, and from Talbot St. to the one over in George's Dock near CHQ. That's spells out an A.

What does that spell? You guessed it.


Again, you can check the map and see for yourself if you don't believe us. We've contacted Starbucks' press office for a comment, but so far have received no word back from them as of time of publication.

So, there's nothing really left to say except...