Everybody's favourite rap artist / motivational speaker for himself Kanye West is no slouch when it comes to diversifying himself.

If he's not telling you how great and imaginative he is, he's singing about it. Diversifying. Anyway, Kanye's latest effort is creating a pair of limited-edition runners that he's putting on sale in various high-end fashion outlets across the world.

The Yeezy Boost 350 from Adidas is said to transcend current sneaker trends and is exquisitely designed. Ah-huh. Right.

Anyway, BT2 in Grafton St. saw a group of people camping outside for the runners and drew a few comments online.

Exactly. Each to their own. And, in fairness, we're in no position to judge. We camped out in 1999 for The Phantom Menace on O'Connell St. so this is more or less the same thing.

Incidentally, we'll say that the runners do look very, very comfortable and we're all about comfort around these parts.

Did you get a pair? Did you camp out? Get in touch with us and tell us what it was like!