James Earl Jones is the legend that provided us with the voices of Darth Vader and Mufasa.

Now he’s lending his distinct tones to a series of commercials for Sprint and was interviewed by The New York Times about the latest venture as well as his career overall.

When asked about his iconic voice, and whether he ever realised it was going to be his meal ticket, Jones answered: “I didn’t want it to be. You know, I don’t hear the voice you hear. I’m not party to the Darth Vader tone. All I’m doing is using the voice I have to try to be as clear as I can with the language I’m using.”

Continuing to query about that infamous role, The Times also asked whether the actor had ever been “tempted to pick up the phone and pretend to be Darth Vader,” to which the actor answered that he has used the voice previously on a CB radio.

In the amusing anecdote, he explained: “I did that once when I was traveling cross-country. I used Darth as my handle on the CB radio. The truck drivers would really freak out -- for them, it was Darth Vader. I had to stop doing that.” You wouldn't want to cause an accident so that's fair enough!