To be fair, Dominant is a great name and it's one you could be proud of - but it's not the name of Irish gold medal-winning women’s single sculls athlete Sanita Puspure.

The confusion started when a press release was issued by the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport to congratulate Dominant Puspure, the winner at the Rowing World Championships in Bulgaria.

Multiple times throughout the press release, Minister Shane Ross extolled Dominant's performance, with Ross saying that "today we saw a performance of great tenacity and assurance as Dominant Puspure dominated her rivals in a brilliant single sculls final. Puspure has long deserved this gold. The celebrations in Cork will be mighty tonight and rightly so!"

Great sentiment, well deserved and an honour to be congratulated by the country's political figurehead on sports in general - except he got the woman's name wrong multiple times in the press release.

So how'd that happen? Well, there's some theories and most of them point to an RTE Sports story that praised a 'Dominant Puspure' on her victory, with the story name checking Sanita throughout. In other words, whoever wrote the press release just glanced at the headline and thought the athlete's name was Dominant.

That's your taxes hard at work, folks. Enjoy it.