The internet was doting over Adele and her fella, Rich Paul, after the 'Someone Like You' singer flashed their new home together on Instagram.

The world loves Adele, not only for her incredible voice and gut-punching heartbreak albums, but because there's a warmth about her that you don't get with other celebrities. Her rawness and vulnerability make her relatable. Not to mention, she seems like a bit of craic.

So when she posted an Instagram carousel yesterday including snaps of herself serving boyfriend Rich Paul at McDonalds, we weren't that shocked. It's classic Adele-style; down to earth and cool.

Staff look on at them, seemingly and understandably starstruck, while screens in the back read "Happy Valentine's Day" and mark her albums as burger orders, '19', '21', '25', and '30'.

She once told Vogue about her adoration for the fast food chain, claiming that she'd be satisfied with a Big Mac, nuggets, and fries as her last meal on earth, "my ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal".

The pair look so happy in the snap, with both Adele and Paul caught mid-laugh. We're obviously delighted for her, but fans are worried that without heartache, is it possible for us to get more music?

We have complete faith in her though. And if her series of shots are anything to go by, she's in this relationship for the long haul. The Californian mansion they've moved into is a whopping 21,000 square feet and once belonged to Sylvester Stallone, according to Vogue.

Well, if this sparks a new Valentine's trend for next year, we're down for cheap and cheerful vibes.