Well reports are flying around the place today, and honestly I am getting a little excited in my chair here *spins around* OK, first off, X-Factor is starting back this weekend. You know what this means ladies, at least four months of Simon Cowell on our screens every Saturday Night, YIPEEE. What a fantastic specimen. This year’s show sees the return of the same judges, Danni, Cher-tle and Louis but the auditions are going to be similar to that of Britain's Got Talent, in front of an audience. Brilliant. A source has informed me that you may see two twins from Dublin on the show also who have been on EiTV in the past (well in the background, but they did serenade me one evening and should they make it big, that will be my claim to fame)

Next month, Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One with a change to its format also. Instead of having the results show on the Sunday (which was always pointless) it will be on the Saturday night after the main show. But that's not the juicy news *whispers* I think I know who may be on this series. OK first off, these are rumours and haven't been confirmed yet so don't get too giddy or start shouting odds should this information be wrong. The biggie, Jo Wood. Yep, the estranged wife of Ronnie Wood, has been tipped to take part due and I have a feeling that she would be very popular. Not one to hide away with humiliation after Ronnie cheated on her with barmaid Ekaterina Ivanova, a friend told the Daily Express "Jo is in fantastic shape, looks amazing and is going to be brilliant. She'll love to show Ronnie a clean pair of heels."

Fern Britton has also been mentioned and could be partnered with jerk face Brendan Cole *shivers* Sources say "Brendan was lined up to dance with Jo Wood but now bosses have offered him to Fern as bait. Fern is bound to get lots of attention and they believe he's the guy most equipped to handle it."

Loose Women host Lynda Bellingham may be drafted in to help with the current ageism row (since judge Arlene got dumped for young and more appealing looking Alesha Dixon) Footballers Wives star Zoe Lucker has also been tipped along with Kara Tointon (Dawn from Eastenders), Natalie Cassidy (god help us) and Johnny Vegas, now that would be a good comedy show.