British police today raided the home of Ella Henderson's parents over claims that they have been laundering money, and both her father and mother have been arrested as part of a 'major money laundering investigation'. Not the X Factor story you hear every day now is it?

Henderson's parents own two large luxury homes in the town of Tetney, (which, let's be honest, if you're trying to keep your criminal activity on the DL probably isn't the best idea) which were both raided this morning. Ella's mother was arrested at one of theser homes while her father, who also happens to be Ella's manager, was arrested in London. While no name's were mentioned by the police, they did release a statement saying 'Officers executed warrants at two addresses in Tetney with the assistance of Lincolnshire Police this morning. A 49-year-old woman was arrested at the Tetney address and taken to Grimsby police station to be questioned in connection with money laundering offences.'

'As part of the same inquiry a 47-year-old man has been arrested on behalf of Humberside Police by officers from the Met. He will be questioned by Humberside Police'. The search, as you can see, was extensive.

Ella herself is, or at least was, unaware of the arrests seeing as she was instagramming away like your average teenager this morning. Currently living in London herself while she works on her debut album under the wings of Simon Cowell's label. Whether or not this will have any impact on her career or if she had any knowledge of the offences is unknown, but it's another knock to the singer who shocked the audience when she was voted out so early in the X Factor last year despite being unanimously agreed upon as the best contestant the show had seen in years.